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A Central American Adventure

Craft beer in Honduras

Plenty beer had been drunk during the 6 months prior to our arrival in Honduras. We enjoyed most of the national lagers in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize but none of them were anything to write home about. Central America is not known for its beer so we were surprised to hear about two different craft breweries in Honduras Continue reading “Craft beer in Honduras”


Xela Streetfood Snack Attack

Sampling the local cuisine is an important part of travelling and buying food from the street vendors is a great way to do this Continue reading “Xela Streetfood Snack Attack”

El Mirador

Most people that visit Guatemala will head to the jungles of Petén at some point and take a trip to the world famous Mayan ruins of Tikal… and if you go to Flores, the nearest tourist hub to Tikal, it is assumed that you will be going there. So it was strange that we were in Flores and weren’t going to visit Tikal. We had been there on our first Central American adventure so it didn’t seem necessary to go again, although it is a magnificent site so I was tempted.

Continue reading “El Mirador”

Music Monday – Rebeca Lane

We’ve had a lot of men on this ere Music Monday. I’ve so far only picked songs that either we’ve heard out and about on our travels, on the buses, in peoples homes, in bars, cafes and restaurants, or have been recommended to us by someone from the country we’re in.   Lots of great stuff, plenty of pretty cheesy pop but definitely not a whole lot of women. I wanted to find some female artists to share with you and I was sure they were out there.  They were.  I have never heard this artist played in Guatemala except when I’ve been subjecting hostels to my playlists but she is Guatemalan and she rocks.

Rebeca Lane is a feminist, Guatemalan, anarchist, gay, hip hop artist and this video includes happy and carefree public breastfeeding. I wonder why we haven’t heard her more on the radio?

This track is called Bandera Negra, or Black Flag.

Breaking the Bank in Belize

When we set off on our Central American adventure we hadn’t planned on going to Belize at all. It is renowned for being relatively expensive so many budget travellers immediately disregard it as an option. But… Continue reading “Breaking the Bank in Belize”

Tobacco Caye, Island Paradise

We decided it was high time we visited a desert island in the Caribbean. I mean what was this trip about after all?  Tobacco Caye was calling us, Continue reading “Tobacco Caye, Island Paradise”

On the Buses

One of the most iconic things about Guatemala are the chicken buses – the old bluebird school buses from the USA that have been given a new lease of life in Guatemala Continue reading “On the Buses”

Livingston and Garifuna cooking

Although technically a part of Guatemala, Livingston feels like a different country. Situated on the Caribbean coast in the east of the country it is a mainly Garifuna community. Continue reading “Livingston and Garifuna cooking”

Garifuna Drumming Music Monday

We spent some time in the Garifuna town of Livingston in Guatemala.  Garifuna culture is famous for drumming Continue reading “Garifuna Drumming Music Monday”

Volcan Acatenango

As we arrived in Antigua I knew I was going to enjoy chilling in such a beautiful old city and I was glad we’d come with Jake so Andrew would have a buddy to climb Volcan Acatenango with. Continue reading “Volcan Acatenango”

Old Guatemala

Antigua, originally called Santiago de los Caballeros, was founded by the Spanish in 1543 as the capital city of Guatemala. But in 1776, after suffering periodic earthquakes for more than 200 years, they decided to move the capital to its present day location. Continue reading “Old Guatemala”

Music Monday – Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno has been waiting patiently in my drafts for her slot to come up for Music Monday and I´m so glad that the time has come.  I chose Blues del Mar Continue reading “Music Monday – Gaby Moreno”

Natural Beauty – Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala. An expansive lake surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, the shoreline is dotted with several different towns and villages.

Continue reading “Natural Beauty – Lake Atitlan”

WILD Fermentation in San Marcos La Laguna

At Lake Atitlan I decided to get into the spirit of things and joined Brooke and Jake, friends from the farm, on a one day Wild Fermentation course with Love Probiotics.

My experience of fermenting Continue reading “WILD Fermentation in San Marcos La Laguna”

Quizás Music Monday?

On Friday we went off to the free Festival Internacional de Jazz in Xela.  The festival features jazz groups from around the world and the night we attended, Mexico was being represented by Suave es el Jazz.

Continue reading “Quizás Music Monday?”

Permaculture vs Activism

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”

– obligatory Gandhi quote


Are we more effective trying to push for change to be made by those with the power to shift society? Or is it better to lead by example and demonstrate an alternative? Continue reading “Permaculture vs Activism”

How to Kill a Chicken

So, when we were at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala we did a course in Permaculture at a sweet little farm called Atitlan Organics.  It was a brilliant course, and we stayed a while after as volunteers, picking up still more skills.  One of the down right most useful and real things we learned was how to kill a chicken for eating. Continue reading “How to Kill a Chicken”

Green fingers, dirty hands

After a few weeks studying spanish and a few weeks travelling around Mexico, we decided it was time to get our hands dirty. So we headed to the village of Tzununá, on the edge of lake Atitlan, in order to volunteer at the Atitlan Organics permaculture farm. Continue reading “Green fingers, dirty hands”

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